The philosophy behind We go silent 


We have forgotten how to be silent even though silence is the core of everything. Silence existed before word and speech. It creates an array of possibilities and is the starting point for all invention and tranquility.

Silence is a forgotten treasure in a modern world where everything seems fragmented and noisy. We would rather talk to each other or connect on social media than to be still and listen to one another.

For some, silence seems to be a frightful space where nothing exists besides one’s own thoughts, fears and illusions. Silence gives allusions to loneliness and isolation. Nobody wants to be alone. However, we need to look at silence in quite another way – as a life-giving approach to a vibrant and energetic life.

Silence is a cocoon of hidden life. It is a place where new ideas, clarity and focus can be found and activated. Silence is a place for a meeting. Not only a meeting with the inner being and many thoughts. Silence is also the first step to becoming aware of who we are in relation to others and the divine love.

We need to go silent if we want to start seeing our own life, people around us, nature and the entire world in a new perspective. We need to go silent if we want to start seeing our own life not as a fragmented broken mirror of words and deeds, but as a reality of wholeness and union. We need to go silent if we want to start seeing our own life as a puzzle where silence, like dark matter and energy in the universe, holds everything together in a holistic grip of interdependence. Nothing exists in itself. Everything is dependent on something else. Truly to know this in one’s inner being is wisdom.

To go silent is therefore the first step in a new direction. We go silent (Wgs) is a rethinking of our whole attitude to life itself. Wgs is a vision, which will lead to the greatness of love for every being, small or great, on this planet earth. To go silent is a cultivation and recreation of our longings for love, faith, hope, friendship, forgiveness, peace and freedom.

It all begins with silence


Who we are

We come as we are. We stop talking. We meditate. We listen. We experience silence and learn from it.

And we give it all back to the world.

"We go silent - it all begins here"


Who are we?

We are everyone who would like to discover the power and beauty of silence. We are inclusive. Open to anyone who is ready to approach life in a new silent way. We are a perspective where life is lived with others in mutual longings for friendship, love and communion.


Where do we go?

Go is an active approach to life.  Today, we all like to choose our own individual paths. When we choose to go silent it is a choice we make in a world where everything is becoming more and more noisy. We take the first step in a new direction with daily periods of silence to invite focus and perspective back in our lives.


Why Silence?

Silence is a basic need in life. Our body and soul calls for daily periods of silence, rest and tranquility. However, it seems like we have forgotten all about it in our lives today. We are rarely given the time just to be. We are rarely given time to simply listen to our inner calling and yearnings for peace and well-being. When we actively create a space for silence, we will experience that life is much more than we could ever imagine. Silence is a place just to be who we are.


We are on a mission


We go silent has a clear vision that aims to get people interested in meditation and silence, or to support those that are already interested. Our vision is rooted in the fact that young people today have to face an increasing level of challenges and demands every day. Nothing is easy. You always have to deliver in all kinds of ways in school, with friends, on social media and at home. You have to be the best because nobody wants to be second best. Left behind and lost in space. “It’s your future we are talking about” – maybe you have heard this before?

The pressures that are an increasing part of young people’s lives, as all life in general, have crippling side effects: Stress, sadness, anxiety, depression, isolation and unhappiness. No one can keep up with these increasing demands without having their inner core harmed.

Therefore, you need to know how to take a break and reload your batteries on a daily basis. You need to learn just to “be” in the present moment – not judging or evaluating yourself, but breathing in life filled with joy and presence. A way to do this is through meditation and periods of daily silence and restitution.

Studies show that meditation can help reduce stress, improve thinking and behavioral regulation, attention, focus in life and much more.


A tree of faith, hope and love


Many will recognize the ancient story from the Old Testament of the tree of wisdom in the Garden of Eden. Some may also have heard that Jesus says he is the tree of life and we are the branches. The beauty of this metaphor is essential for the whole understanding of We go silent. 

First of all, the tree is a symbol of life and well-being. A tree reminds us of something strong and powerful. It is a totem of energy and vitality. Its roots are planted in the ground. The trunk points towards the heavens. In addition, the treetop spreads its branches in all directions. The tree is full of life in all seasons. It is rooted in the ground in contact with what gives it life: the soil, the rain and the sun. It gives life to everything around it. It produces oxygen and gives shelter to all kinds of animals. And it does all this in silence.    

When we go silent, we try to be like the tree. We look at ourselves as humans who need both heaven and earth in our lives. We need faith to believe in ourselves, people around us and in the spiritual reality of faith, hope and love.

We go silent is therefore something we do together. It aims to be a community based on the values of faith, hope and love. It aims to be a tree of life with all kinds of different branches, just as different as people are in the world. Together we will become a tree of life, a family with no barriers. It all begins with silence.


Choose your own tree

When you begin to meditate, it is important that you have an open mind and see all the possibilities in doing this. Mostly people will find peace by sitting inside and meditating but inner silence can also be reached outside in nature.

We therefore suggest that you choose your own tree for meditation. A tree where you can be at one with nature in all its diversity: sitting, breathing, experiencing life.

You should pick a tree so that you can follow the rhythm of nature all year long. In a way, you can “live” with the tree through spring, summer, fall and winter. Following all the seasons in the life of the tree. This will make you conscious about your own life and how you use your own time and life.

If you choose a tree in your neighborhood, in your garden, or on your way to school, work or sport, you will be reminded about your need for silence and peace every time you see it. The tree will be a resting place during the year and give you a feeling of life all its complexity. The tree will be your daily totem of peace and stillness. A beacon of silence.

Share your tree with others on Instagram

We go silent is a social movement therefore we would like to follow every branch of our tree. We would like everyone to post pictures of your tree during all seasons using the hashtag #wegosilent. You can also do a selfie with your tree #mysilenttree. If you have a private Instagram profile (or no Instagram profile) and would like us to post it for you, please email it to us with some words about why this is your tree of silence and we’ll upload it for you. You can also meet us on Facebook and get information on upcoming events and other things. Or joining our Youtube channel using the name - We go silent. 


What is meditation?


Meditation is for everyone. If you can breathe, you can meditate. It is that simple. You don’t have to read a lot about it before you do it. You just do it.

Meditation is a way to be observant about not only your own inner condition but also the condition of others. Ideally, meditation is practiced communally, with others. The ideal meditative practice is one of communion and fellowship. It is a way of connecting and of becoming fully alive in relation to people around you, the earth and the divine. 

Meditation has roots in Western Christianity. Meditation is not only a tradition of the East. Buddhists are not the only ones who meditate. Even today, some people falsely believe that meditation hasn’t been a part of the Christian tradition. However, nothing could be more wrong! Meditation has been a part of Christianity from the beginning. 

The quest for silence, stillness, tranquility and inner peace was a driving force in the early church following in the footsteps of Jesus. People fled into the desert to discover the meaning of life in relation to others and to God. They fled away from the noise and unrest in the big cities.

What they found in the desert was a place for meditation and contemplation. The desert became their physical space for silence so that each one of them could focus on listening to the loving voice of God. They listened to a voice that carried through the abyss and which gave them strength and energy to love themselves and people around them. 

Silence gave them an opportunity to find inner tranquility and peace in their hearts. Silence also provided them with a daily practice which made them grow in their relationship to others.

Faith, hope and love transformed their inner core through their daily hours of meditation in the desert.  


Jesus the teacher of silence


There are so many stories about Jesus. Mostly they are found in The New Testament but the teachings have lived on in many other settings, philosophies and religions. 

Jesus showed that true life and joy is reached when we begin to love. Without love we die. We become invisible and fragmented and so does the world around us. But what is love?

According to Jesus, love is not just a feeling or a chemical reaction in the brain. It is much more. Love is relation. Love is a life lived in a caring fellowship with people around you and God. As Jesus says in the gospel of Matthew: 

“You should love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. But the second is like it: You should love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt 22,37-39) 

Love is the beginning and end of everything. God is love. God is an overwhelming love, which welcomes us warmly with open arms. We do not have to be in a certain way, be highly educated, be models or have perfect lives to be loved by God. We just have to come as we are. No more no less. 

Love should always be the cornerstone of our lives. When We go silent, we follow in the steps of Jesus to rekindle and renew ourselves. When we choose to go silent, we respect that our human nature is created for love and happiness.  

Silence is the beginning of noticing that we are much more than just flesh and blood. We are created to love.