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We are a team of people from Denmark, theologians, pastors, teachers, musicians and many more, who are passionate about giving silence a chance in a noisy and turbulent world. Silence is a way of remembering that life is much more than we could ever imagine. In silence we grow in our relations to others and to the living God. Silence is presence and always a new beginning in time and space. We need silence to become fully alive. 


Thomas Emil Horneman-Thielcke

Thomas is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark and the founder of We go silent. He also works as a retreat leader. Daily he serves at Herlufsholm Church in Næstved. For many years, he has had a strong interest in meditation, prayer and spirituality and has traveled to many countries exploring the traditions of various religions. He is eager to spread the good news of faith, hope and love and the power of silence found in Christianity.


Jens Fogh

Jens is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. Daily he serves as leader of the Night Church and pastor at The Church of the Holy Spirit on the main street of Copenhagen. He is a retreat leader and has been practicing meditation for several years. He is very interested in the dialogue between the church and today's spiritual and existential needs. He is eager to show the importance and relevance of the Christian tradition in people's lives today. 


Ann Hansen

Ann is a high school teacher and administrator who specializes in global education focused on experienced based learning. She works at Herlufsholm Skole in Næstved.  Ann has worked with meditation and mindfulness in her classroom and teaches that going silent is the most important thing modern people can do for their emotional and physical health. Thomas showed Ann that there is a way into silence based on our own cultural and religious heritage and she is eager to explore and learn more. 


Martin Egerup

Martin is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, serving in the Parish of Rislev and Fensmark, Næstved. He experiences the need for silence and stillness in daily life, which has led him to a new engagement with spiritual  practices and the roots of Christian meditation and prayer. He defines his hopes for We go silent as follows:  We take our point of departure in the noisy and the fragmented, and when we journey into silence and back again we will find simplicity and a spirit of re-discovery of the  elements. Martin shares his need for silence, the journey and the experience of change and hope as a path to renewal of faith, focus and community.



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