Creating Wgs groups

You can meditate by yourself but meditation with others will give your meditation much more energy and strength. Meditating together, possibly in a circle, in a classroom, outside or where you like will provide you with the idea of fellowship and communion. 

We therefore strongly suggest that you create a group where you can catch up with others a minimum of once a week. This will make your meditation a social experience. Sharing your thoughts and experiences with others is life giving and builds up relations.

Okay - are you ready to go silent?


Ok - Iā€™m ready, give me the basics. 

  1. Find a comfortable place inside or outside
  2. Sit - and begin to breathe in and out
  3. Count your breaths - Count to 5 when you breaths in and count to 5 when you breathe out. Start over.
  4. Focus on your breathing
  5. Attempt a guided meditation or attempt a meditation on one of the gospels stories
  6. Find a tree and make it your Wgs-tree of faith, hope and love
  7. Instagram your tree
  8. Visit your tree at different time in the year - let your tree be a totem of silence and inner peace
  9. Connect with others in a local Wgs group, on Facebook, or follow us on Youtube